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Michèle Deyawe tells us a retro-futurist story that celebrates civilization through textile and artisanal connections of peoples of the world. a historical and cultural crossover that highlights the richness of the influences of the Afro-European designer. Inspired by the diversity of cultures, she diverts traditional costumes and military uniforms to create textile ironies that open a conversation about the meaning of History, the duality of Human being and the place of gender in the wardrobe of our collective unconscious and its relativity according to different cultures. In each collection, floral prints and embroideries are in the spotlight and represent the celebration of feminine energy through an androgynous vision of the masculine wardrobe. The designer believes that a reconciliation is necessary between the feminine and the masculine. From this understanding, a new space for dialogue could emerge on gender issues that cross our contemporary societies. Thus, she designs each piece as a talisman that protects us from chaos by letting the virile energies of women express themselves as the sensitive energies of men, thus promoting the rebalancing of the forces at play in the world. A slow fashion brand that is addressed to free spirits enlightened by the awareness of the unity of our ecosystem and by the interest of its preservation To be continued with love.

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